Sunday, 9 December 2007

Uphill hurts

Needless to say that the planned weekend of riding didnt happen, Saturday was a filthy day, horizontal rain and as windy as curry morning, spent the day at Martin Mere practicsing focussing on moving birds.

Sunday dawned a lot better, and thanks to the prompting of friends (and reading an interview with Sean Yates in Rouluer magazine that Biff does the fantastic design on)I made my way over to the valley to Matts, happily to be greeted with tea and toast and smiley people, the usual start up Jack bridge had me reeling with light headedness, I have a real love hate affair with this climb, sometimes I can fly up it, today it was a painful reminder of my last two weeks inactivity, at one point I had to stop and concentrate on keeping my breakfast down, I walked for a few minutes before feeling well enough to continue :-(

By the time we topped out I was feeling better, my legs were now inclined to go in smooth circles, we picked up Ed and continued on for an (in my case) up slowly and down slowly day, I was taking things very easily on both ways.

3 hours of this and we then headed back to Matts for fantastic soup with crusty bread, then off to Mooch for coffee, home early and a power nap whilst watching Star Wars, sleepy again now,

Happy to be a bikie again this week :-)


  1. Aye, that was a pretty climby ride - about 2300ft in just over 10 miles. Ace to be out though. Top trails, fine company :)

  2. ah, that explains the funny feeling in m legs then, had to take a cramp tablet as all the signs of a cramp ridden night are there :(

  3. A bottle of red should sort that ;-)

  4. cramp tablets and good red wine work a treat :-)

  5. Blimey loads of climbing, I rode Saturday it was wet, horribly wet, but very good fun indeed. ;0)