Monday, 3 December 2007

December again already

No riding last weekend still have a chest lurgy lingering, bloody thing just will not come out though, as a result of feeling generally under the weather and tired all over I couldn't summon up any energy to ride a bike, combined with truly appalling weather and I didnt even try to convince myself otherwise.

Last week totaled about 60 miles, this week looks to be even lower, today was a straight out and back affair, 9 miles in the wind and rain, at least I still rode, it would have been so easy to take the car....

Anyway, on a brighter note this forthcoming weekend has a plan, Saturday I'm going to explore at Delamere regardless of the weather, intention is to do a big day there and ride every trail I know, there's a good solid 4 hours there if you know where to go.

Sunday is unclear as yet, it'll probably be over in the valley with Dave, Sharon, Dave, Simon, Piers, Matt and Tanya, of course they dont yet know this :-)

It'll get posted on Cheeky, we'll see who takes up the mantle !


  1. I'll see what the weather is like :)

  2. Steve that sounds like an ace plan, I've got a "lifestyle pace" ride with Nicky on Saturday so that'll be a good few trails loads of fun and no doubt a reasonable distance by the end of the day.
    Winter rides are for having fun with friends laughing your way through the conditions, warming snacks and post ride beer....

  3. Another lurgy victim. I've got a chest X-Ray this week for mine.

  4. Count me in for Sunday, big boy