Sunday, 10 February 2008

well there you go !

It finally happened, a ride that I arranged I managed to get to and complete :-)

Penmachno was the venue, the day started out looking a bit shonky, fog bound all the way along the A55 but as soon as we hit the outskirts of Betys Y Coed the sun came out and my heart rose like a soaring bird (and yes I know thats flowery wank but thats how I felt), I love the trips to the mountains, I love little mountain towns where ever they are.

Ali turned out as well as 360 (although the sex midget was a no show) to complete the 3 muskateers, up and down, up and down, up and down, 45 kilometers of it, I loved every single slow minute of it, the big gay IF rode like a dream, and towards the end I'd even got my eye on for the descents and was riding faster than my ability.

I had a very near escape which cooled me down a bit and so then settled into a comfortable pace, I was happy to let Dave and Ali go and have their own fun, just happy to be out in the hills, of course the glorious blue skies and the warmth of the sun made the exepereince so much the better.

Not many folk out on the trails, we were leapfrogging a couple of older chaps and shared a few words with them each meeting, they were obviously having as much enjoyment as we, it was a surprise to get back to the car 3 hours after we set off to find the car park overfull, those big exposed trails can obviously sustain large numbers of riders.

Its almost 3 years since I last rode there with dan and the trails were in good condition, testament to the builders, and the good thing is that now it is bedded in there is less of a man made feel to the trails, something that was very obvious 3 years ago.

Needless to say I'll be back soon, hoping to do 2 laps, and must remember to take a decent camera, there's a multitude of great landscapes to snap there, the new extended loop has lots of photoshoot possibilities....

360 cover shot ?

Legs are tired and tingly now, bring it on :-)


  1. Excellent Steve. Shame you didn't have a decent camera with you. Did you get any shots with your compact?

  2. Sounds ace. I spent the weekend working out doors on the house in Norfolk. It was a really nice weekend. Blue winter skies, low sun, warm enough to having lunch outside in a t-shirt and beanie in a sheltered spot. No riding though and my back get spasming which put me in a really bad mood :(

  3. I hope you didn't grab the only decent weekend for months whilst I was trapped entertaining septuagenarian family :(

    Super lunch though!