Wednesday, 20 February 2008

things that make you go ummm.......

like great weekends which have great beginings, great middles and great ends

Chips 40th birthday bash week started with a bit of a downer, and thats not yet resolved...but there was some riding in the week, the dry high pressure air was making the trails really nice and almost dusty !!

the actual weekend started out a treat, rocked up at Matts place to find out that 2 of my very dear friends were "gettin it on" that made me smile and be happy (yes really) and not just in anticipation of when Dave arrived !

come the ride and all the people I love were there, the people who are the reason I keep going back to the valley (not often enough I know) the person I only see maybe 4or 5 times a year, and lots of other good folk who are the reason for riding. The weather was ace, the trails were ace, the ride was bloomin ace.

The night time was lots of fun, chipps was a guitar god, Brant was in fine form, everyone was smiling and happy to be back on the road, my jaw was aching from laughing, sleep came easily, not too much booze (to be fair we were all saved by the dryness, must remember that )

Sunday was a day of walking the dogs, we eventually got the love birds out of bed (after all there's only so much pollen a bee can harvest!) and set off up to trails which are usually the scene of mucho macho testosterone, it was nice to walk for a change.

Took some pics, had great chats, laughed a lot, devised a cunning plan ;-)

Excellent roast dinner in the pub and home, all was well

This Monday, long way in and back, yesterday the same, today I had to run my dad to an appointment so came in by car, grey skies and a bit of a sniffle means I havent missed ridning today, although whilst this dryness lasts I may well go out tonight.

ummmmm :)


  1. It's supposed to start raining tomorrow.. Bummer.

    Glad you have a blog, now I can keep tabs on you too.

  2. So if I put this post and this, , one together do I get to start the chinese whispers?

  3. You are going to make me cry, y'idiot!

  4. Pity we have to endure the 'lows', Steve - but at least they make the 'highs' so much more fun :)

  5. I should probably be less of a miserable bugger and get out to these sort of things they sound like fun ;0)

  6. No need to whisper Tom. Steve made sure that everyone knew by the time the party started. Not sure 'getting it on' is most accurate term though. :~)

  7. Damn you mean I don't get to start some unfounded rumour.

  8. I think you'll find that I was quite behind the times by the time I arrived, everyone knew already, I was just a bit more upfront about it by asking Barnes if he'd shagged my burd ;-)

  9. Not sure you were behind at all. Unless Matt and T were text messaging all of the UK before you arrived in the morning.