Friday, 29 February 2008

No riding so far this week...

or in fact last weekend either, weekend spent on call and photographing birds, this week working in Italy drinking coffee and Chianti, but thats all about to change as the 30 in 30 kicks in for March, the idea is that you ride for at least 1 solid hour per day for 30 days, easy peasy ya ?

now, riding for an hour every day in your life isnt difficult but given the logistics of finding an hour out of 24 every day it may prove to be difficult given that most people have work/family/otherstuff to do.

And I'll aim to post a daily resume here assuming I can get a connection.

Tomorrow kicks in with a trip to Betysw Y Coed to celebrate the sex midgets 24th birthday, he was a spotty 16 year old youth when we first met, hard to believe that was 8 years ago, happy birthday Jon :-)

Sunday "should" see me down the river, been aiming to explore a bit further afar for a while now and Chris has found some new cheek to play on.

Oh yeas, before I forget, I had a health MOT last week and was genuinly shocked to find my weight had ballooned up to 108kgs !!, thats 12 kgs heavier than when I last looked at the scales and 20kgs over my ideal weight, the 30 in 30 has another agenda for me, get 20kgs lighter before Verbier !


  1. No riding for me in the last 2 weeks either. Different reason though - being ill sucks. I might try a gentle spin tomorrow.

    I heard you had a little fall in Italy, hope your ankle isn't too bad :)

    Good luck for the 30/30!

  2. Yay Steve's still alive ;0)

    Your welcome down here whenever you want Steve to get some miles in.