Thursday, 7 February 2008

Another week another story

so, no cycling again last part of last week and the weekend

but no more heart ache, must have been something I ate/drank/dreamt about ?

ho hum

last weekend got written off for a number of reasons which are far too boring to mention...

dissapointed and fed up about that but hey ho

Monday morning, ride to work, one run in with idiot driver, close shave

Tuesday morning, ride to work, one run in with idiot driver, close shave... but this one wound down her window and asked ME where MY manners were because she's apparently apologised 3 times behind her windscreen !

she was very impolitely told that I didnt consider I needed good manners when someone had nearly killed me and that she go forth and procreate to quote someone or other.

Made me both mad and laugh out loud all day at the absurdity of it ! and speeded my long way home a treat

Anyways, Wednesday ride was the long way in, and for the first time in what seems like months I felt the sun on my face, it was glorious and made me smile all day, and went the long way home for fun as well. The upside is that although I am only riding I do feel okay, no leg ache, no chest pains etc, maybe it was just some post viral shit still in my body ?


  1. Have you answered my email yet? And why aren't you on MSN, y'idiot!?

  2. Good to hear your heart ache has gone Steve!

  3. Oh he never answers emails Chris:0)

    Glad to hear your feeling better Steve, now lots of riding Spring seems to be early so make the most of it.