Wednesday, 7 May 2008

could be arsed

although the early morning came and went, I did get out this evening, okay it was down the river which is nothing special at all, but the trails were dusty, there was a hell of a lot of folk out either running or biking due to the fabulous sun.

It has to be said that days like today take years off, I love that warmth perculating through your body, tonights ride was fast, only an hour and three quarters but enough to get a good sweat on.

I managed to remember to drink all of my 3 litre bladder during the ride, its something I'm always forgetting until its too late but am currently concentrating on eating and drinking healthily and that means about 3 litres of water during the day at work, and then more when riding.

Tonight I'm treating myself to a couple of glasses of red whilst reading the latest cycle sport international and the 20th anniversary issue of MBUK, 20 years !!.

Its 21 year for my mountainbike career, I look back fondly on the Claude Butler that Janet bought from her catologue for me (hey does anyone ever buy anything from catalogues anymore ?) and am happy to know that its still going strong being ridden around Tatton Park.

One day I'll get around to making a list of all the mountainbikes I've owned :-)

Tomorrow promises more of the same weather and the plan is to do a road ride to Delamere, thats just over easy 60 miles, then on Friday rest, Saturday do catch up and Sunday will be the tour of Anglsey with Ali and hopefully 360 (who will be ripping our legs off having just come back from cycle touring rural Spain)


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  1. 360 looked tired when I saw him today. He'll probably be flying by Sunday though :)

    I might try and make it over to Calderdale for the TNR, will see how I feel.