Tuesday, 6 May 2008

couldn't be arsed

went to work on the road bike this morning full of intention, but over the day my legs stiffened up and the numerous bites around my ankles were irritating me, so come the time to ride home and I headed straight home the short way.

Thats a real shame given that the weather is lovely, but I'm sat here now and grateful, I was obviously tired from the weekend and the few hours have given me some time to think and catch up with my thoughts from the weekend.

Thought Number 1 - Singlespeed events are always good, no matter what happens its always good, its a bloody stupid thing to do is ride a bike with one gear, but its always good fun -  how come ?

Thought Number 2 - Bike people are for the most part good people, there was a little bitching going on (and I'll say now that I have been one of the bitchers) at the weekend, but really, what the fuck is that all about ?, people are just people, not everyone is super cool or hip or trendy, time to get over it....

Thought Number 3 - I have the best friends in the world, this weekend proved that.. for the majority it was the first time we'd seen each other since last year, some had been out for longer than that, anyway it was just as though we'd all been together the day before, sure we all caught up with each others news and the usual gossip, but then come the ride and everyone slotted in, all happy to be together and riding

Thought Number 4 - the difference gap, our gang !

there are folk at the very extreme ends of the age spectrum, from the 11 year old son to the 60 year old father, there are guys and girls who are semi pro, there are guys and girls who are middle of the road, there a few who are well known in the mountain bike community (for one reason or another) and then there's the rest of us, we all rode our bikes together and all enjoyed each others company, some fast, some slow, no matter, we all finished together and had had a good time. 

Is there anything else out there where such a diverse group of people can be friends and  enjoy an afternoon together in such a way ?

Anyway, thats enough pondering for one day, tomorrows plan is to get up early, take the big blue gayer and hit the river trail, hopefully this sun will have dried everything out to create beautiful buff trails !!


  1. Looking good for more ace weather tomorrow, enjoy your ride!

    Rest day for me sadly, hopefully it'll still be sunny on Thursday. I might even try and do the Calderdale Thursday Night Ride.

  2. Are you marking his homework, Chris?

    BTW it is :)

  3. Gah I've hardly seen anyone this year, it's a shame, really your right of course though Steve.