Thursday, 1 May 2008


Its this weekend, its in Scotland, the sun is finally out, does it get any better ?

a quick two hours tonight, another gentle spin along the lanes, casually thinking about nothing much at all, got passed by two young fellas all dressed in SIS team kit, they were moving fast, two upping, obviously training.

It occurred to me for about two nano seconds to try and catch them and hold the line, but I couldn't be arsed and frankly who am I kidding ? but then in the distance I saw another roady starting the climb out of Rostherne, I had him by the time I was 3/4's up the hill, tried hard to catch him, hard enough that by the time I caught I was pooped, but stubborn stupid pride kicked in and I got another 50 yards on him by the top.

At the traffic lights he pulled up in front of me, looked around with utter contempt at my attire (3/4 baggies, plain white T shirt and Dirt Rag rasta socks) and turned his head without a word, ignorant fecker, which was a shame as he was on a nice looking Bianchi.

So, I waited for the lights to change and let him go, had already decided that he was going to get passed again, just needed to know which way he was going, and he was going my way, so I let him lead through the lights and just stayed 10 yards back for a few miles, close enough that I could see him sneaking the odd look, close enough to see he was sneaking up the gears, the next hill reared up and once again I passed him, this time though there were no lights to stop us and I never saw him again.

That hurt !

then again on the way home, some miserable twat all dolled up in Specialised gear on the other side, I let on and saw him check out the bike and me, put his head down with no acknowledgement, although a few yards later on he looked around to see me giving him the finger :-(

Mountain biking is much nicer


  1. > although a few yards later on he looked around to see me giving him the finger


    Most riders seem pretty friendly around here. Doesn't seem to matter what bike you're on. Of course, I haven't tried riding my road bike in 3/4 baggies yet :)

  2. There's a few mountain bikers round here that would have seen my finger if they'd bothered to look back after blanking my friendly hello ;-)

    Ignorant feckers indeed!

  3. Yep it takes all sorts, enjoy the weekend Steve, I'm planning to grab some miles on Saturday and hopefully some sun, at least if it's sunny it'll make up for it being boggy.