Monday, 12 May 2008


Unnecessary Chamois Time....

copyright Fez Ferrentino

I know better, its been discussed by most of us at some time but yesterday I fell foul of the UCT, I got home and had to hang around for a wee while for various reasons, I knew it was happening, I could feel the burn at the bottom of my cheeks, just at that point where the crease is !!

and then once out of the bath for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to apply some minty arse lard (I was obviously more dehydrated than I thought), thats not a good idea in any shape or form !!

so an unsettled night followed when I needed a good night sleep and woke this morning feeling pretty sore and stupid, its eased a little over the day, enough to allow for the long way home down the river, just under two hours in the sunlight.

Sore again now but at least I didnt put any more minty arse lard on !!

Tomorrow will be my last ride until Saturday, 3 hours down the river, then off to Germania again for another 4 days of alcohol fuelled fun and frolicks (not really)


  1. Jesus tell me about it I took the skin off my arse on Saturday and had to sleep the night face down with my backside covered in Sudocrem, not enough preventative minty arse lard, I'll not make that mistake again.

  2. Hoho. I was playing with the kids after work in the garden and felt it starting. Hey! I've been on a bike!

  3. This thread is worthless without pictures :)

  4. a doctor (yes, that one) once prescribed cetraben for broken erse on a wee tour of the highlands. it's better that sudocrem.