Saturday, 6 September 2008

30 in 30, day 1

Start again

Getting home late on Wednesday to find Manchester suffering some bizarre tropical rainstorm meant that the first attempt at 30 in 30 was over, I just couldn't face going out in the wet despite Jenns best attempts to send me "that look" over the internet !

Thursday saw the car being fired up for the first time in almost two weeks to get me to work, one thing I'd completely forgotten about was the fact that myself and 6 others were celebrating 30 years of work on Sept 4th.

Could say lots about the last 30 years but the most shocking thing is how quickly it has passed, and there must be some of the old school managers from the Shell days who would be rolling in their graves if they knew that we are now in charge !

Anyhow, there was no bike ridden that day but lots of beer and fine times.

Friday dawned early and I was pleasantly surprised to feel hangover free, must have been the cup of tea before bed that did the trick, middleish ride to work that morning but had to be curtailed due to the continuing tropical storm which continued right on through the day which meant that I fired up the car (which had been left overnight at work) and another failed day.

So, come today and a new determination to start again, only one bottle of beer with tea last night meant that I had a good nights sleep and an early start to drop off Hana at work and then onto work myself to show my face to the shutdown boys.

Then at 11 I got on the bike during a lull in the rain and actually pedaled a bike for one hour and fifteen minutes, 21.5 miles and really quite pleasant :-)

The initial plan for tomorrow was to do the Manchester 100 but I really need to see my friends as I feel as though I have been ignoring them just of late (I haven't really but thats how it feels) so I'll be driving over to Oxenhope with Mr 360 for a loop of the usual with some Bingley thrown in for good measure.

I'm pretty sure it'll be raining and wet but if it goes to plan it'll mean 2 out of 30 done.

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  1. Better luck this time! 6/6 for me now.

    Wish I could come to Oxenhope tomorrow rather than be in work.