Thursday, 18 September 2008

I'm growing my hair

thats about the most interesting thing of late.....

I rode my single speed Spot 69er bicycle last Sunday, I rode my bicycle with my good friends Dave, Sharon and Simon around some of my favorite bicycling trails, it was rather good fun and I felt as though my bicycling legs had the remnants of some strength in them somewhere.

This week though I'm ashamed to say that I have driven my car to work every day so far for the lamest of reasons, the reason being that I am currently on day 18 of on average 12 hour days and I'm quite tired having only had two days off last weekend, I have also been drinking quite a lot this week which isn't really helping much.

But tomorrow that changes, the single speed Spot 69er bicycle has been recovered from the cellar, lights have been fitted and tomorrow I'll be getting up at 6 to head to work the long way in the dark.

Next week I'll be attempting to ride every day, at either end of the day for more than the shortest distance.

The difference ??

The weather, today the sun came out and for the first time in a long while I felt some warmth on my face and the weight of the oppressive grey sky lift from my shoulders, I wanted to ride my bike :-)


  1. Yay for getting back on a bike :)

  2. Steve don't sweat it, just ride when you can and enjoy it, it's all about fun and never about obligation.

    Oh and long hair rocks, especially flowing out from the back of a pink campag cap, the ladies love it ;0)