Sunday, 7 September 2008

30 in 30, day 2

Goes without saying that I didnt make either of the rides I could have today...

Left work at 11 during (guess what ?) yet another rainstorm, but forteified by the word of Jo(B) I none the less headed out down the river, intrigued to see both how far I could get and how much damage to the trails the flooding has caused.Almost certainly the highest I have ever seen it, my usual trail was still at least 3 feet under and even riding the high trail meant I had to stop just after Didsbury as the trail there was under a foot of water, I could have carried on as I was already as wet as I was gonna get but my sensible side got the better of me and I turned for home.

And it looked a lot lower than last night, judging by the tide marks in the grassy banks it was at least another 8 feet :-/

Just about got to the burger van when the rain turned from drizzle to torrential so decided to stop and have a cheeseburger and a brew, even though the cheeseburger is made from animal byproducts I have to say that at that moment standing in the rain nothing in the world could have tasted better and after 20 muddy miles I felt as though I had earned it.

That done I then headed back to work to show my face and makes sure all was well and also finally and once and for all stop the seatpost of the new Spot from slipping, a quick jet wash, some lapping paste and I was away again, this time spinning down the road heading home.

28 miles, 3 hours, lots of photo stops, 17 stone 5 lbs


  1. 28 days to go!

    1 week done for me. 465km, 17 or so hours riding time. Lost 4lb despite eating loads.

  2. "lapping paste" isn't what i think it is, is it?

    i watched some fast people ride bikes today, does that count? out tomorrow though, honest

  3. no, what you are thinking about is "gods glue"

    out tomorrow ?, after all these years, oh well make a song and dance about it ;-)

  4. i'm making gay while the sun shines