Sunday, 12 February 2012

12th Feb 2012

Representin the cake !

Could'nt face the mud today so the Croix de Fer was brought up from the cellar, flash and flare fitted and off I set into the greyness, actually a lot foggier than I was expecting, and colder as well, pretty soon my vision was deformed due to the moisture o my glasses, this did not bode well, a freshly dead badger at the side of the road seemed like some sort of omen, glad I had fitted the flash and flare, the room that cars were giving me was noticeable.

The roads were mostly just wet, occasional ice but nowt to worry on.

The biggets concern was that every farmer in Cheshire has decided to cut their hedges, bizzarely this time I got away with no punctures, however I decided not to risk this bridleway ;-)

The last dirt trail before home.

45 miles today, longest ride of the year so far.

3 Buzzards stoically sat in trees, 1 Heron gliding gracefully at shoulder height about 50 yards to my right, 1 dead badger, 1 dead squirrel.


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