Saturday, 11 February 2012

Feb 9th and 11th 2012

2 days to report on...

Thursday 9th Feb

3 miles in the peaks, on foot, took nearly 3 hours :-)

unfamilar muscles called into play trying to keep up with Jenn

one particular off piste contour movement showed me just how unfit I've become, digging into 10 inches of snow for 30 minutes does that !

she glowed, I sweated, the dog ran about 10 miles

it was ace, even missing the train wasn't too dissapointing due to the pub being open :-)

Friday was a day of rest, mostly down to my calves being made of tungsten steel i:e there was no movement !

3 miles in total

Saturday 11th Feb

Decided on the fat bike today but a delayed start due to finding yet another thorn in the front tyre meant I didnt get out till 1130.

A cold day meant starting on ice, chose the fat bike to see how it would cope, needn't have worried, it just calmly dealt with whatever was presnted to it, not quite as inspiring as the ice spikers but good enough, so I headed west hoping to get to the coast, once again foiled by the weather. Within 30 minutes of starting the ride the ice started to melt to leave the trails porridge like, that combined with the oppresive grey sky meant I turned back at Latchford Locks. By now the return journey was just a slog, hard work, and the knowledge that each pedal stroke is costing a penny in drive train components did nothing to lighten my mood. In fact just about the only good thing to say was that dads garden hose had unfroze which meant I was able to wash the bike down at the end of the ride. The Genesis that I last rode on Tuesday night in the same conditions had pretty much solidiefied with the grey sandy mud from the same trail, 30 mins of poking with a stiff brush, liberal amounts of 3 in 1 and the drive train on that is now at least moving :-(

On a positive note I did get some photo's of abandoned stuff :-)

And a cat on a post

Tomorrows ride will be on the road bike.

25 miles in total


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