Sunday, 19 February 2012

19th Feb 2012

I lost my way somewhat

An old friend died, a friends brother died, these things bother me, probably more than they should.

Anyway, the result was that I didnt ride at all during the week, and I was rthinking about bailing on a weekend with two other old friends, soon got a grip of that though, another minor issue conspired but this was put to bed and off I went.

Great to catch up, we did manage a short ride of all of 6 miles, it didnt matter, it was fun, we had a laugh and we had a dog with us, a chocolate lab called Toby, it really is only a matter of time now before we get a dog.

Headed home early this morning, no traffic issues at all, and a cold sunny afternoon meant I couldn't resist, another 30 miles on the cross bike at a snails pace.

36 for the weekend.


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  1. Arse about the friends Steve. Good to see you're riding more this year.