Friday, 3 February 2012

Feb 3rd 2012

Woke up late so straight to work via the river, 5 miles.

Poor little shrew, probably died of the cold, no signs of being attacked :-(

edit - its a vole according to my nature correspondant :-)

Very very cold

Dab chick and a hunting Merlin.

Too nice a day to miss so left early heading west, the farmers have been out cutting the hedges, needless to say the front of the fatty picked up a thorn so I headed home with a slow puncture, 8 miles.

Saw a flock of Thrushes.

Swapped bikes and headed out again down the river, Trek 69er, 14 miles, wonderful low sunlight, lots of pictures taken, had a nice chat with a chap out on a bike ride enjoying the sun.

Golden Eye and a pair of Gooseanders.

27 miles total.


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