Thursday, 29 November 2007

Its a washout

this week that is...

Very very bored of the rain right now, so bored that I had to do something creative yesterday

Monday to Wednesday was straight out and back on the road, I knew that the trails would be awash and no fun, but today was different, a poor start to the day gave way to some blue sky and at around 3ish I got a ten minute window to get out before I got embroiled in something else.

Taking a chance and getting changed into riding clothes in my office I was lucky that no one came past to see my naked athleticism !

The trails were still wet and muddy but it felt good to feel some sun on my face, the cloying greyness had been getting me down, anyhow, an hour later and I'm home and happy, happy enough to contemplate going and buying a dinner suit for a forthcoming night out, it was fairly painless, suit, shirt, bow tie and new shoes (stiff black shoes dont half feel funny on your feet) all done, should see me out for the rest of my life :-)


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