Thursday, 31 January 2008

Somethings not right ?

Last nights ride home along the river has left me stiff and sore, it was an hour and 20 min's at a sociable pace but when I got home I was proper tired out, and couldn't sleep all night due to a racing heart !

This is the first time its been like this for almost a year now, well since I got signed off from the hospital after my last episode with a heart murmur ?

Anyhow, todays ride to work was bloody hard work, and despite the fact it was blowing a gale into my face it hurt more than it should have, and tonight I had to head home the short way and decided to drop out of the planned weekend in Brighton which is pissing me off..... a lot

and even just crossing my legs hurts ??, I'll take some time to try and recover, maybe just a gentle spin at weekend and see how I feel

but to be honest I can feel another year of fear coming on, my heart rate last night worried me, I could feel it bumping through my chest, erratic, powerful, then slow and weak, just like last time, only this time I might have to go through the stop/start process that so frightened me to death last time :-0

sorry for being so negative but I needed to get it off my chest ha ha ha ha ha aha



  1. That sounds shit Steve. Hopefully it's nothing more than another fluey type infection that's knocked you back. Try not to worry too much about it, will only make you worse.
    Rest, eat good food, don't drink too much and all will hopefully be fine in a few days.

  2. I'm going to be really pissed off if something happens to you, y'idiot.

  3. Steve that sounds dreadful, it could well be the remnants of the flu thing you've had but be careful. Trip to the doctors to check it out sensible eating and drinking like Simon says and just a bit of gentle exercise. Be careful, and get well....

  4. Steve - book yourself in for some tests. And relax!

  5. sounds like the remants of flu, -I got flu about the same time as you, and mine is still lingering on and off


  6. Anxiety? I had similar when I was suffering with the arthritis thing a couple of years ago. Sleepless nights plus crapping yourself sends you into a right negative feedback loop. Remember, you are a giant amongst men!