Wednesday, 30 April 2008

summer nights are on their way

well, despite the forcast last night was pleasant enough until ten minutes from home, once again an easy spin through the lanes into the wind, 40 miles in 2 and a half hours, 3/4 baggies and black socks for those who may be interested (green socks and 3/4 tights today).

Monday was a spin out on the Aizan, those Crossmax wheels really are something else, they felt fast yet also springy ?, the Aizan was quite a stiff bike but now feels like it has suspension ?, maybe its the Michelin tyres which are new to me but I doubt that, anyway the 34x18 gear will stay on for Scotland next weekend.

Today's ride looks like a repeat of yesterday, although looking out the window at the black skies isnt very inspiring :-/

Update - left work early as it was killing me, 2 hours through the lanes ending up at the Shak for wheel tune up, a new cap and some nice new track mitts to replace the minging pair I've hd for a few years now, then as the sun was shining out again for another hour and a half, legs nice and tingly now :-)

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