Thursday, 17 January 2008

Today is shit, its official

Last few days has seen my mood drop to an all time low, started the week with a looong day trip to Germany, the outccome was positive but it was a painful process that was akin to pulling teeth from a 45 year old child who is likely to punch your lights out, at the end of the day I had a headache to die for and the added thrill of a cramped plane.

Tuesday was little better, I arrived late at work quite deliberatly but ended up staying late, Weds was no better (due to a fracas with some halfwit in a car) and today is worse

at least today I got to ride my bike to work, tonight I'll head home the long way even though I know the trails will be rubbish and if I manage to lose it and fall in the river it'll be Liverpool before i get out (its been raining quite heavy for a few days and the river is very swollen)

anyhow, the ride to work did nothing to lighten my mood today, I have been avoiding any interaction with any humans as much as possible, hopefully tonight might lighten and unwrap me a bit

and I'm still determined not to have any alcohol, 17 days free now and getting better every day

Weekend promises some relief, Saturday I'll ride to see Tim and get some new brakes fitted to the gay IF and Sunday I'll see my valley mates if I havent managed to alienate them all :-(


  1. I very much doubt you've alienated anyone Steve, certainly not all of them :)
    See you on Sunday.

  2. Beer after the ride is mandatory though you gayer :o)

  3. A ride without beer is just not proper Steve....

  4. Did you have the audacity to leave after a ride without having a pint!! Well, the others can say what you will but *I* am feeling pretty alienated and pissed off at you, and I'm not even in the valley!