Tuesday, 29 January 2008

back on track

some health issues with my folks and (inevitably work) have stopped the planned getting fit instead of fat regime just of late, but I have managed to get into the gym a little and the long way to work is working out quite nicely, nonetheless January is a bit of a right off :-(

However, on the plus side the drink problem seems to be under control (although I'm sure Janet wouldn't agree !) and there seems to be some circles left in my legs, tonight's hill run on the treadmill was fun, 40 mins at level 7 on random meant 730 calories burnt and a proper good sweaty leg burn :-)

and a highlight looming, weekend should see me in Brighton riding bikes, potentially on a North Downs ride on Saturday and a shorter day on the south downs on Sunday, it'll be gears and mud tyres I guess....

but it'll be 2 days on bikes, with friends and lots of smiles, first decent ride since last November !!


  1. Hope you do manage to get out at the weekend Steve, will do you good.
    You were missed on Sunday.

  2. It'll be nice to see you Steve, bring a singlespeed you'll be fine. Hope February works out better for you.

  3. Sod them treadmills. All thatjarring on your joints/wobbling belly/chafing nipples is just wrong. Get on the X-Trainer instead and try the aerobic workout.

  4. Ride when we get back Ja?

    We're missing you big fella :o)