Sunday, 6 January 2008


that didnt get off to a good start did it ?

1 week later and I feel about right, basically 3 weeks of feeling like shit in varying degrees, thats what you can expect should you be unlucky enough to get his cold bug thats doing the rounds, only 2 or 3 days of being immobilised, 2 or 3 days of feeling faint/sick, lots of coughing and snotting, 2 or 3 days of feeling weak as a kitten all included for the same price :-(

BUT its over at last, I could have ridden this weekend but decided to be sensible and not ride, tomorrow's ride to work will hopefully kick start my riding year, I have a cunning plan.

where I work is a big site, maybe 3 by 2 miles, and around the outside is a perimeter fence that has a rough track inside it, probably about 5 miles in total but perfect for riding on without having to deal with traffic or the mud fest that is the river trail at this time of year. 2 or 3 laps on the way in and 4 or 5 laps each evening should soon see me back in the swing of things in readiness for this coming years planned riding

I cant believe I've never thought of doing it before, especially as I used to run around it back in the days when I could run !



  1. That's going to be so boring! Still, if it kick starts your fitness it'll be a good thing.

    Come to Rivi sometime, bring Cris with you, he mentioned wanting to be shown around.

  2. Kerist, why not just sit on a turbo trainer, or rollers.

    Just been to scope out new flats today, cheaper and further out easily a 20 mile a day commute.

    Good luck with it though Steve ;0)

  3. Careful, Steve - doing 'laps' like that 'll get your 'race head' back on :)

  4. yes, it'll be boring but so what, not as dangerous as riding down the cheshire lanes with the half wits who think its funny to drive as close as possible to you

    means to an end is all :-)