Tuesday, 1 January 2008

I hate doing these but here you go, 2008 resolutions

to get fit

to cut down drinking

to lose weight

to thrash Jo in March

to read more books

to enjoy work

to do some art

to ride in some big hills for a week, maybe on a road bike, maybe in America, do thye have hills there ?

to only ride 29 inch bikes

to ride 100 miles off road.....

and it starts tomorrow, chest feels still tight, snot still present, still coughing in bed at night...

but thats enough, the geared gay IF has new tyres fitted, the chain has been lubed and my favourite Kona merino top is lying out ready, tomorrows ride to work is the start of a new year of riding bikes :-)


  1. > I hate doing these

    Me too, that's why I haven't done any other than saying I want to get fitter and faster.

  2. I don't see "Go visit one of my best friends in the States" on that list.

  3. Yep that's my plan as well Simon, hoping to move house later in spring so as the weather gets longer and the nights pull out I get a longer commute hopefully up to about 9 each way ;0)