Monday, 7 January 2008

it works !

perimeter trail is about 15 mins, its loose, rocky and rough with the added attraction of suicidal bunny rabbits running at you in the darkness

just did the one lap tonight as my chest still feels tight, tomorrow I'll give it another go, hopefully the gale force winds will have blown away and it'll just be the rain to deal with :-)

as an aside I've been thoroughly enjoying the shit storm of rubbish over on MTBR regarding the SSWC08, it really depresses me how petty people can be, but also amuses me highly at the same time, only downside is that the good folks who are bothering their asses to put this grand event on will no doubt be wondering why they ever bothered

well, just in case any of you are reading this drivel ( this drivel, not that drivel)....

fear not, come the day it will be a truly grand affair, it always is :-)

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