Sunday, 16 January 2011

#30in30 - Day 16

Day 16 done

2 hours 15 minutes, 34 and a half miles on the Kona Jake , nagging headwind all the way with added tropical downpours, in fact the rain came down so fast that I was soaked through within 3 seconds so didn't bother putting my jacket on.

Again it took a good hour for my legs to wake up, and of course going out without eating made for a difficult ride, there is of course some method to the madness, starvation rides are what I've always done to drop weight and sure enough its working once again, that plus being deprived of more than a thousand calories of alcohol every day !.

One good thing about today was the fact that I felt that I could push hard on the climbs (ha climbs in Cheshire !) okay, they are short but even so it is a step forward, next milestone is to start pushing the length of rides out, looking for 60 miles next Sunday after a bivvy out on Friday night.

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