Friday, 7 January 2011

#30in30 - Day 7

Up early and out into the "danger flakes" as our Scots brothers call them, getting bigger and wetter all the time, out along the river and the trails surprisingly solid, the big front tyre also surprisingly easy to push, an hour and three quarters later and with freezing fingers I arrived at work, tea and a Cliff bar, happy to have ridden a bike.

And, I counted 11 dead Chinese Lanterns littering the countryside, not much Karma there ....

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  1. Eek don't get me started on chinese lanterns. (I hate them and the damage they do to the countryside and ocean wildlife. Not to mention all the time/money wasted on coastguards that get called out unnecessary - as they are mistaken for flares. Grrr.)

    Glad you enjoyed your commute though. ;-)


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