Tuesday, 4 January 2011

#30in30 - Day 4

Day 4


Woke up after a restless night's sleep to find an inch of snow on the ground, so up and dressed and out into fresh snow, only one set of tyre tracks but plenty of fox prints spoiling the thrill of being first on the snow, just a 45 minute spin to work. My small pannier set was fully loaded with grub and milk for work and I was surprised how it affected the handling of the bike, in particular when riding no handed the front end wobbled ?


Obviously the snow melted during the day to leave the trails full of mush, and because I'd only done 45 minutes this morning an hour was needed to maintain honour in #30in30 status, so off I set, grinding my drivetrain to bits, soon enough it was dark enough for the headlight and headtorch to come on. It was actually okay riding wise, just spinning along getting covered in Cheshires finest grit and mud, just the occasional wince as I heard the chai crunch, half expecting it to snap at any moment, anyway I got to my folks after and hour and a half, hosed the bike and myself down and headed home, happy to have ridden a bike again.

More good news is that my legs felt fine, obviously realising that this is what is going to happen every day for a wee while :-)

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