Wednesday, 26 January 2011

#30in30 - Day 26

Foul mood today, hungry and tired and lacking any inspiration to ride a bike but I went home early due to a headache from hell, got to the turning point and went right, into the lanes and into a fucking strong headwind, dropped down to the 40 and sat and span for an hour and ten.

Didn't make me feel any better but at least I'm still on track, different bike tomorrow, Genesis Latitude hardtail, mudguards and lights fitted, its going cold again so hopefully the trails will firm up a bit and I'll cheer up !.

As a means to an end 30in30 is good, it'll give me a base on which to work, its helped me stop drinking and I feel a ton better for that, its also helping the belly disappear (slowly, it took 4 years to get there so 4 weeks ain't gonna make a huge difference) but as for riding enjoyment, well the constant dullness in my legs due to limited recovery time is cancelling that out.

So, 6 days to go now, it'll get done.


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