Monday, 3 February 2014

Ride 1 of 2014, 28 miles, Salsa Fargo

Its been 8 weeks since I last threw a leg over a bike, in that time I've been in New Zealand and Singapore, its been a whirl wind of travel, new places, new experiences, lots of smiles, lots of great food and drink and just short of 45000 kilometres of carbon based movement.

Because of this I have lost most of the fitness I gained last year and oh boy does it show, today was the first day back in the saddle and as is always the case that fitness hill is even steeper than last year, 28 miles today on the Salsa Fargo with a seeemingly ever-present headwind. I was only pootling along but it hurt, everywhere it could, sat here now 5 hours later and legs still tingling, its going to be a hard few months to get back.

But, I'm happy to have had the privilidge of doing what we did, and losing some fitness and gaining some fatness is a price worth paying.

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