Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ride 4 of 2014, Salsa Fargo, TPT, Delamere, 68 miles

Met Greg at the wardens hut and off we set, no agenda other than to meet up with Nick and Rob at the Anderton Boat Lift, I hadn't factored in the headwind which meant we were running a little behind schedule but no problem, a quick call and the plan was readjusted, ended up at Delamere via the River Weaver path, and we'd managed to dodge the rain and hail that everyone else seemed to have suffered today.

By Delamere my legs were toast, cake, sausage butty (thanks Rob), two coffees, a cliff bar and a bottle of nuun restored enough strength to get me home, slowly....

68 miles in mud and against a headwind, pleased with that after just a week back on the bike, four rides in and already my legs are getting stronger, my waist lines is receeding and my alcohol intake was almost under control last week :-). 

In other news the Brooks Cambium saddle I fitted to replace the Swift fitted like a dream, so much so I can see this being my saddle of choice for the Vaya and other long haul bikes. I'll be swapping out the Brooks bar tape this week, Lizard Skins 3.2 DSP tape is to replace it.

Its fair to say that I've given the Brooks saddles and bar tape a fair trial, probably 18 months use on the Fargo now, I love the look of it, and its reasonably comfortable but not enough to contemplate really long days in the saddle, I'm sad about that.

Riding chat was mostly about bike packing long routes, making plans, choosing kit, and of course bikes and new zealand, I can feel myself becoming something of a zealot in my espousing of this wonderful country, its fair to say that if Janet and I were younger we'd be seriously considering moving there.

For those who are interested this is what has piqued my interest.

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