Monday, 10 February 2014

Ride 5 of 2014, Feb 10th, wet, windy, cold, miserable, 28 bike destroying miles.

Legs were heavy after yesterday, I wasn't going to go out but the sun was shining, so I went out.

Almost the second I left it started raining so I headed back for a rain jacket, in fact it looked like light showers, perfect to test the Scott Divider jacket I'm reviewing for STW, light weight and allegedly totally waterproof.

So off I set, aiming to get to Jodrell Bank along a mix of on and off road, just short of 50 miles round trip, I've all day so will be pootling along at a sedate pace.

By the time I got to the river it was throwing it down, cold rain and hail, great.

By the time I got to the Lym end of the TPT I was cold, my legs and hands were soaked, my top half however was warm and dry, the rain just beading on the fabric of the jacket and rolling off, I was surprised at how effective it was.

By the time I got to Tatton Park I was wet, cold and bloody miserable so turned for home.

By the time I got home I was wet, cold, bloody miserable and hungry.... but not wet up top.

So, a soul and bike destroying ride, only positive was the jacket proved to be everything it claimed.

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