Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ride 7 and 8 of 2014, new bike shakedown

Ride 7

12 miles, new Salsa fargo, wet, windy, didnt feel much like riding....

new Fargo, decided that Jack and I will be doing some 2 and 3 day rides this summer, the Fargo is in my opinion the perfect bike for this as we will be doing mixture rides, thats on road, off road and anything in between rides, he will be on the cream version, I will be riding the new blue version.

Ride 8

55 miles, back lanes and sausage butty, felt tons better today, might have been to do with the bright spring sunshine.

Headed out to Jodrell Bank, 2 reasons, I like the back roads way I can get there, went out via Pickmere, across to Knutsford and then out to Goostrey.

The best reason though is the sausage butty, without doubt the finest sausage butty £3.50 can buy, accompanied by great coffee and a view to inspire.

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