Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Ride 6 of 2014, 44 miles, Salsa Fargo

First ride after a few days on Anglesey, walking in the magnificent weather, winds like you'd never believe, unfortunately I picked up an eye infection, probably something blown in by the wind.

So, I set off without breakfast, aiming to get something along the way, no idea where I was going, headed out into the battered lanes of Cheshire, I was glad to be on the Fargo with the state of the roads. Before too long I was out near Knutsford and thought about the cafe at Jodrell Bank, so thats where I headed, a coffee and a Cliff Bar.

Raining and hail on the way home, and of course that ever present headwind, I'm begining to think that its not really there, just my legs are so heavy !, by the time I get to the outskirts of civilisation I'm staving and starting to feel the early stages of bonking so head over to the bike shak to see Simon.

Two gels later and I'm good top go, ten mins of catching up on each others news and I'm away off home, 44 miles, 3200 Garmin calories.

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