Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ride 3 of 2014, Trans Pennine Trail, Bridgewater Canal, Surly Krampus

Five hours sat in the saddle, slowly grinding my drive train away at about the same speed as my fitness is returning, seems a fair price to pay, the recent high rains have left their mark on my local trails, either heavy mud, deep puddles or both with not much solid ground.

Despite what I thought the Surly Knards were actually perfect for these conditions, not a great deal of grip but the big carcass floated over the top of the mud and the treads cleared well, it got to be quite fun when a turn was required and soon became predictable.

Sore sit bones today, in hindsight getting straight out on the Fargo with the Brooks saddle after such a long break wasn't the smartest move ever but served to confirm that the Brooks Swift saddle has served its time, I have a Brooks Cambium ready to be fitted, just need to find some bar tape to match the slate grey colour.

Other thoughts, I've been focusing heavily on the Kiwi Brevet after talking to one of the guys who was riding this event, it really appeals to me, especially after spending some time in New Zealand, its fair to say that this event (and the earlier in the month Southern Brevet) are appealing more to me than the Tour Divide.

I've entered the Welsh Ride Thing, after spending most of my riding time alone last year (by choice) this year I want to get out and ride with people, that is actually get outside on a bike instead of talking about it.

I have a long list of friends all over the country that I am going to visit this year, ranging from Cornwall up to Edinburgh, and lots of places in between, and I'd really like to push the photography and writing this year, maybe I can combine the two ?.


  1. Be great to see you up here this year Steve!
    Plenty of photo and writing oppoortunities!

  2. indeed, I'll be in touch soon ;-)


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