Wednesday, 11 March 2009

31 in 31 FAIL

common sense got the better of me, my knee was still aching and there was ice on the road, I bailed out and decided a week off would be needed, today I woke up and my knee wasn't aching.

Tomorrow I will ride to work, and maybe try the long way home depending upon how it feels.

Of course all this is a total and utter irrelevance as 2 friends got carted last week...

Grant had a car turn across him, he now has 3 collar bones and a stuffed knee which is looking like 3 months off the bike, tomorrow he faces surgery to rebuild his bones...

Gary also had a car turn across him, he got off slightly better, bruised all over and a cut to his cheek just below his left eye from his Oakley's which required 5 stitches.

Both of em lit up like xmas trees, neither of em seen by the car driver ?

Both of em incredibly lucky to be able to tell the tale, no wonder I prefer to get muddy than have to deal with this stuff :-/

on a brighter note, the coming weekend should ( knee permitting) see some quality road miles in my legs, riding around Calderdale on a road bike has been likened to playing cricket at Wembley, I quite like that idea and am looking forward to another perspective on one of my favourite areas for riding.

And the hopefully another attempt at 30 in 30 in April.


  1. Are you doing the loop from Feb Cycling Plus? looks nice but V hard, it includes the Jack Bridge climb - the whole way up the tarmac road!
    It will be a long time before I could clean that.

  2. "Both of em lit up like xmas trees, neither of em seen by the car driver ?"

    A MaXx D *and* a joystick, both on full power, on the bars.

    Apparently invisible......