Wednesday, 18 March 2009

54, 55, 56 and 57

54 - Monday morning, straight to work in the morning, Chateuneuf headache in tow, by the afternoon the sun was out, headed west along the trans penine trail, only as far as Thelwall, then back and east, 2 and a half hours, 35 miles for the day.

55 - Tuesday morning, up early and a medium way into work, early morning sun put a smile on my face, 12 miles.

56 - Tuesday evening, out of work early and again heading west, didn't get as far as Thelwall, turned and headed east, retraced my steps from this morning, one idiot in a car tried to kill me but as always he didn't want to stop for a discussion, cock, one and a half hours, 18 miles.

57 - Wednesday, up and straight to work, foggy and damp, but...., once again the sun came out and burnt the wet away, legs were a little heavy from the last three days.... but an email from a friend had inspired me to ride so again I set off west wards heading into the sun, an hour and a half was enough, the warmth on my face was soothing, and another alcohol free night tonight.

20 miles today, I might be getting near my first 100 mile week this week, aiming to get up early tomorrow, a switch to the Stiffee will slow things down but an hour and fifteen should be a reasonable time for the medium way to work and then all things being well I'll be in Calderdale tomorrow night for my first night ride of 2009 !!


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