Thursday, 5 March 2009

11 almost fail

morning, up late, headache due to red wine, ice on roads, not a happy bunny, 20 mins and safety

day, knee and ankle sore and stiff, doubt creeps in, lots of water, bail Stanny's birthday ride, feel like a heel, bored, still stiff, sensible thoughts, decide to bail 31 in 31, get out at 4

night, sunshine, slight tail wind, get to crux point, fuckit, o left and hit the trail, knee is loosening up, trails are tacky, sunshine providing some warmth on my face......

Arrive home one and a half hours later, victory snatched from the jaws of laziness, 31 in 31 lives another day.

Next week planning to step it up, need to get fit, need to get fit, need to stop drinking, need to get thin, there may be trouble ahead


  1. don't bother stopping drinking. i've tried it. you'll regret it and have a overwhelming sense of boredom in the evenings.

  2. you can't give up, you're inspiring me to push my sorry ass further on the commute home and do weights on the none work days,


  3. you're still a winner to me Steve.