Wednesday, 4 March 2009

9 and ten

9 = 20 minutes to work as I was late, then out into the wind and rain and sleet and hail, and fun fun fun, muddy wet trails, 1 and 1 half hour later and I'm home getting undressed in the kitchen......

25 miles

T10 = the long way in, had to pick up a parcel and then onto to the ice, only problem was that I didn't realise it was icy until too late, just riding along and smiling at the sunlight, urn left and whammoo, once again this winter I'm on my arse !

Totally didn't see that coming, must have been some bad karma catching up with me ?, anyway, damage to the bike amounts to a bent and scratched brake lever and torn bar tape, damage to me includes 50pence shaped hole in left knee, puncture would to left calf ?, sore left wrist and now sore down the left side all over.

Still, at least no one saw my ungracious fall, an hour later and I'm at work, shower, shave and coffee, sit down, start to get stiff, ache, wince, get through the day, keep moving, jet wash bike, lube chain, grind brake blocks flat on the linisher, pick random pieces of metal out of brake blocks, realign brake blocks, notice that rims (Mavic Open Pro's) are already wearing out after 200 miles, short way home....

During the day I had lots of random but totally lucid thoughts I wanted to share here, but they've all gone back inside and I'm buggered if I can remember any of them, perhaps the metal that was in the pads fell out of my ears ?

20 miles

oh yeah, Endura Event 3/4s and Endura Stealth softshell totally and utterly rock in the wet and mud.

Buy some


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