Sunday, 15 March 2009

Ride No 53

Best laid plans.....

My left knee was aching all last weekend after the ice crash, so after the right knee taking over a month to get better I decided to take a week off, so i took a week off, and got back on the bike last Friday for a short spin into work, the knee ached all day which effectively wrote off this weekends plans.

However I had an itch to scratch so I got up early for a short spin on the road bike, an hour and fifteen, 22 miles and no aching, but lets be realistic, I'll try the Breed to work tomorrow morning and then see how it feels with some dirt on it.

Its a shame that I missed out on riding with friends this last weekend as I'm effectively out of circulation for the next two months due to a mixture of work and family commitments, in fact its unlikely that I wont ride a mountainbike again until early June when I'll be attempting a 12 hour endurance race at the Bristol Bike Fest (which unfortunately is the same weekend as SSUK09).

So, this years has seen 53 rides, 684 miles, about a thousand miles less than it should be and more annoying is that most of the rides have been solo instead of with friends, June should see that start to change.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your knee Steve, Bristol will rawk though...
    I'm not drinking on the Friday night though mkay ;0)