Tuesday, 2 October 2007

2 fast hours

surprised myself tonight by riding home along the river at a constant 16mph, 31 something miles in just under 2 hours, maybe it was the coffee I've been drinking all day :-)

more likely it was rested legs after yet another weekend lost to the double edge sword of family life and apathy combined with an excess of alcohol and food, things rareley go to plan but its fair to say I never saw that particular twist coming this last weekend.

Anyhow, I'm away to Germania tomorrow for a business trip, landing back on Thursday with just enough time to pack a bike and a bag and then it off to sunny Wales for a long weekend with the lads from work, plan is to ride Friday, walk Saturday, ride Sunday and Monday, get some hills in my legs and chill out.

On yet another change of plan the Tinbred has gone to the Shak for a rebuild, after a chat with Leon it will reappear as a fast commuter, compact chainset, close ratio block and mudguards, this will be my Monday to Friday bike from now on, enabling me to get the miles into my legs that will be needed for the Strathpuffer.

Just 3 months to go and I feel like I'm starting from scratch, which actually isnt that far from the truth but tonights ride tells me that there is something lingering in my legs to work on, a session on the dreaded step machine for an hour twice a week should also take the sting out of the inevitable pushin/walking up the hills which is traditionally where I do the real damage, one of the problems of getting old, I used to be able to run for 3 hous with no problem, these days a stiff walk is almost a guarentee of a calf muscle stretch ;-(


  1. No booze Steve will have you dropping weight like a shot ;0)

  2. I've never noticed that with me Raoul. Food makes me gain weight, cycling helps me lose/maintain it. Alcohol is a very minor factor.