Monday, 15 October 2007

the long way home

today I managed an hour of cycling, thats a goodish start to the week, legs felt strong and I had a go on the one hill en route, only 20 seconds of leg burn before enough to get that sick feeling ;-0

its a start.....

tomorrow will attempt to get up at 6 and go the longer way into work and then change bikes and have a river run on the way home, Weds looks like a trip out to ByC, its slowly starting to fall into place

Just tghe one hiccup, Strathpuffer is off for me now as I fogot to check with Jan and she's already arranged a weekend away and considering the number of wekends I get away with I can hardly complain (esp as she'll be reading this !)


  1. The Mrs Makin card ;0)

    Steve you do right it' hardly going to be fun now, I imagine that Strathpuffer would put me off riding bikes forever. That time of year is for cafe runs with friends beans on toast and pints of tea, then getting home a mug of tea in the bath and crumpets followed by the Antiques Roadshow.....

    That's what winter's about glad you've got the sillyness out of the way just ride and enjoy and don't torture yourself it's supposed to be fun.

  2. actually I'm a bit dissapointed, was looking forward to seeing if I could finlly get that ride out that I know is in there somewhere

    but you are right about long cafe runs tho :-)