Wednesday, 10 October 2007

feeling like an old man ?

I was this morning, went the long way to work (only 8 miles or so) but my legs refused to go round in an orderley fashion, got to work and got to discussing the weekend, all the others are in a similar state, some worse than me, we are all over 40 now and for the most part out of shape, we reckoned that the 5 and a half hour walk on Saturday was thde equivalent of 5 and a half hours on a stepping machine so really its no surprise that we are all walking like old men !

Anyhow.... the ride home was easier apart from having a strange pain in my left thigh muscle ?, started off down the river but the trails were wet through from yesterdays deluge, combined with my sore legs I bailed out after 40 mins and headed off home, still it does count as circles turned in my attempt get fitter.

Decided the raceguarded Jake will be my weapon of choice tomorrow, the weather report doesnt look too promising so road mles will be good :-)

And ending on a high note, Mikey tells me that the area where we are holidaying next week is great for road riding, lots of hills and great views, thats made my mind up to take the newly roaded Tinbred (which is due to be built next Weds at the Shak)

So the plan is to try and ride for a few hours every morning whilst the family are lounging around before the serious activity of looking for the perfect cream tea !

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