Monday, 8 October 2007

not riding a bike

really sucks, especially when you have a chest infection and your mates cant stop telling you how much fun they had on the trails...

back from Germany with a stinker, decided to go on the weekend anyway but sans bike, had a good time, some last vestige of fitness left meant I got to the top of Cadair Idris first but boy have I suffered with stiff legs ever since, its been a year since I last did a walk of this length, going up was fine but coming down hurt like hell

anyhow, 2 days of rest (plus lots of good food and beer) means that I'm ready to go and it starts tomorrow :-)


  1. This is about the 3rd start isn't it?

  2. yes, and even that didnt happen, could barely walk today :(

  3. If you were a horse they'd have shot you by now :)

    Fancy Rivi this weekend?

  4. Steve I need to get some miles in as well, I'm getting my lights sorted this weekend so why don't we try and do a Fat Club thing where a few people log their miles as some form of inspiration?

    Just a thought....

  5. Fat club ?, yeah why not....

    my names Steve and I used to ride a bike, currently weigh nearly 17 stone, no miles so far this week.

    Horse ?, your probably right Simon, definately a Clydesdale again ;-)

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  7. and I cant do this weekend as its my ma's birthday and my folks 50th wedding anniversary so I'll be on family duties, maybe next week after ?

  8. Up at dawn even an hour so on a Langster is better than nothing, return home surprise folks with breakfast and you happy demeanour from riding....

    I'm as guilty as everyone else though of total apathy.