Wednesday, 31 October 2007


I forgot until about 5 oclock that it was halloween, no problem just added an extra bit of frisson to riding on your own in the dark, I think I may have discovered the getting fit secret, ride solo off road at night, you automatically ride about 4mph faster than you would normally and end up doing a fartlek sesion every time you hear a noise !

another hour tonight means I'm at about 65 miles since Monday, its a start as I keep telling myself :-)

no stray animals tonight just wet trails, in fact very few darkness joggers either (how do they do that running in the dark thing ?)

tomorrows plan is to get up at 6 and do a river run, hopefully 20 miles before getting to work, then swap bikes again and a roady ride on the way home, idea being to tire myself out so the first night alcohol free will be shortened by sleep :-)

and in honour of the occasion tonights final choice is Wychwood pumkin alle, wychwood honey'd ale and a bottle of chateu neuf de pape, a suitable end to a couple of months of liver abuse ;-)

couldnt see the Innis and Gun stuff :-(


  1. I had a bottle of Badger Pumpkin Ale at the top of Rivi Pike this evening. Most pleasant.

    I'm on about 122 miles since Monday so I think I've earned the curry that I'll be picking up shortly :-D

  2. I have no idea how many miles I've ridden this week, but I have had 4 bottles of BBB.

  3. 30 in this week everyones thrashing me.....

    Still Cross miles this weekend which will be fun then riding lots every weekend til Christmas ;0)

  4. How's the abstinence going Steve?