Friday, 2 November 2007


Well I managed to hit my mental target this week of 100 mental ( i;e in my head based on past rides with a bike computer thingy) miles commuting, a mix of off and on road..

tonights ride had the extra thrill of dodging the local kids who were gathering to let fireworks off and have fun, not sure who was more intimidated me or them, 50 watts of light probably does look quite daunting :-)

here's this weeks list

Monday - 4 on 17 on road
Tuesday - 4 0n 17 off road
Wednesday - 5 off 12 off
Thursday - 13 off 15 off
Friday - 5 off 18 off

110 miles and aiming for another 70 this weekend

Punkass asked me last night if I'm getting any fitter, well I guess the answer is yes but it doesnt feel like it yet, I know from long experience that another 3 or 4 weeks of similar and it'll come ;-)

and then it gets tough :-0

oh and by the way I jumped on the scales last night - 17 stone 4 lbs, my all time heaviest ever :-/


  1. 17st4lb isn't that heavy for someone as tall as you Steve, that's less than a stone more than my heaviest and I'm about 10 inches shorter than you! Down to nearly 13.5st now though :)
    Good effort with the commuting, if you keep that up you'll be flying come the new year.

  2. Wow, that's about 100 miles more than me! Well done TMBMITW!
    On another note, I see you're contemplating doing stupid things on a bike again, when when when?!

  3. Still The Most Beautiful Man in the World though. ;~)

  4. Oi!

    You're supposed to be in Northumberland next weekend....


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