Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Monday 14th April

2 breakfast bars
pasta and tuna salad
pasta and sauce
3 pitta bread, humous, salsa
lots of water
small coffee
40 miles in the rain
couldnt sleep all night
hound pounding again

17 stone 6lbs naked


  1. Less booze not none is the way to go Steve, Ireckon your already do ing plenty of exercise.

    Oh and don't set mental goals either...

  2. Step away from the knife drawer - and balance your diet.

    You cannot easily get fitter and diet at the same time.

    Heavier muscle will be replacing fat in the short term. A couple of pounds a week is sensible - anymore and you'll 'yo-yo' Lost 8lbs this week - put it all back on when you start eating properly

  3. 17 stone 6lbs naked

    Just promise there won't be pictures......



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