Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Rest is good for you ?

Must remember that..

Last nights ride was fast as fook, 40 miles in just over two hours, even with the wind against me it felt good, legs strong, powering up the climbs out of the saddle in the big (ish I know Jo) ring, got home all hot and bothered but pleased with myself, quick bath and change and settled down for the night, no alcohol, just food and water and an early bedtime, and no pounding heart, which was good.

but today my legs are tired and aching ?

once again I'm just not recovering from the effort, so tonights proposed ride out is cancelled, I'll just head home the short way I guess, despite the sun being out and wanting to make the most of it I know in my head that I should rest

not happy today.

Work in Germany for the rest of the week means no riding until the weekend, hopefully home in time for Saturday, road ride local then plan No2 should spring into action !

Update - well that plan didnt work, headed out the door and the sun came out, an omen I reckoned, so an easy two hours spinning a low gear, nothing to report other than it felt good, 3 days to recover now :-)


  1. You should get yourself a foam roller and do some self-massage after rides. It'll help break up the crappy buildup in your legs and make your recovery better.


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