Monday, 7 April 2008

Rideless weekend

Dint ave no plans for Saturday (apart from recovering after a drinking session at Matts)but Sunday was going to be a 100er, however as it turned out it was a 0er, ice on the roads meant that there was no chance on earth of me getting on a road bike, I still get flashbacks from a near death incident a few years ago :-(

and there was snow on the ground, so I made an executive decision to go photographing birds instead, ace day all in all, Dippers, Bullfinch, Treecreeper all photographed, and 3 Kingfishers spotted, I know where to go now for future refference ;-)

Bike wise, well the Kona should be here tonight and if it is then a night ride beckons, I think I might finally be tempted to try out the Specialised road shoes and Look pedals I bought 2 years ago (they should be suitabley retro by now !)

As far being rideless, well after the 30 in 30 it was nice to not be tired out all the time


  1. Where were you taking pics Steve?

  2. Etherow Park in the morning and Pennington Flash in the afternoon


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