Monday, 21 April 2008

Planning some plans

First plan is to take the Mavic Crossmax 29ers to the Aizan some time this week, and probably tubless to boot, that should knock a pound of an already light bike.

Second plan is to actually ride that single speed bike next weekend, the original plan had been to ride road bikes down douth but with one thing and another that aint gonna happen now, so I aim to ride my single speed bike all the way to Delamere, ride around Delamere and then ride home, this will take a good days effort I expect, so thats for Sunday, with a bit of luck maybe Tim will be able to get out and ride as well !

Third plan (and this is dependant upon a number of things which are out of my control) is to take daughter number two riding on Saturday, she's recently expressed an interest in riding again (and trying to get a job in a bike shop for some bizarre reason) so I want to encourage her along a little, and if you are reading this Jennifer, then yes you can have some new riding clothes and I'm sure you'll look good on Jacks bike ;-)

Fourth plan is to ride said singlespeed bike every day next week down the river, its been a few weeks since I was last down there and hopefully the trails are drying out now, that should see a hundred odd off road miles into my legs.

Fifth plan is to leave work early on Friday with Bill and head on up to Dramlunrig for the SSUK08 race, get the tent up in daylight and start race preparations, beer, food and white russians all the way.

Now, its fair to say that even with the best intentions my hit rate on actually completing my plans has been low these last few years, 4 or 5 years ago life was much simpler, less work responsibility made for a far easier life, but as is the way, things change and sometimes not all is for the best, bike riding time has been compromised, squeezed into commuting or missed completely.

But, thats not to say that things cant change for the better, and nows the time to start :-)

we'll see how this plan works out eh ;-)


  1. Hurray for plans! I love to watch them go by!

    Keep it up man, you're going like a train at the moment.

  2. They're all good plans :-)

    But I hope you don't mean this Friday for heading north or you'll be in a very White Russian soaked state by the time everyone else turns up a week later?


  3. We should do this Dark Peak bivvi thing too. It sounds like a great plan :)


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